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Guyra’s local legend Ted Mulligan reflects on a life of service | The Land



Ted Mulligan at home in Guyra where he has lived a life full of service to his community.

Ted Mulligan doesn’t know what Google is.

But type his name into the search engine and the results are endless.

You’ll quickly learn that the 104-year-old is a war veteran, a cricket tragic and a local legend in the small town of Guyra.

There are photos of him in front of namesake ovals and even one of him signing a hat; all just regular duties for a local celebrity and Order of Australia Medalist.

He thinks otherwise.

“I’m no different to anyone else, anything I did I liked doing it and I did it for that reason,” he said.

“I was never selfish. I think that’s one of the main things.”

The best details about Ted’s life aren’t on the internet though.


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