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The chemistry that’s behind hair colour | Town & Country Magazine



IF YOU’RE one of the loyal readers who’s gone to the trouble of Google-stalking me, you will probably realise I’m kind of known for my brightly coloured hair.

Blues, pinks, purples – the brighter the better.

While you may think of hair colouring as just one of the trappings of vanity, there is actually some quite interesting chemistry behind my colours.

To understand how hair dye works, you first need to know a little about what hair is made of.

Hairs are long fibres made mostly of a protein called keratin. Each fibre is made of a few different layers.

Right at the centre is the medulla, which is surrounded by the cortex, which is the main structural part of hair.

The cortex of the hair also contains melanin, which gives hair its colour….

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